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We are dyeing……

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Dyeing hair that is….2 of my girls have jumped on board with the latest trend, dyeing their hair.  Now, I am not talking dyeing all of it, just the tips.

One of my daughter’s has naturally blonde hair, so we didn’t have to do much to prepare.  We purchased a temporary dye and it turned out well….until we went swimming the following day…yes chlorine and hair dye don’t mix, in fact the dye no longer existed after the first few minutes in the pool…lesson learned.  Luckily, dyeing her hair was so easy, we did it again that night, and have stayed clear of the pool ever since.

Now, first things first, my oldest daughter won’t let me touch her hair, except to comb it on a rare occasion if there is a knot she can’t get out.  I trim bangs for the others and heck, even shave my son’s head, but this one states that I have NOT attended beauty school, so there is NO WAY I can cut her hair…..even the slightest trim of her bangs.  So when she asked me to dye her hair, I was a little nervous, but also excited to spend some time proving myself as a mother!

My oldest daughter, has dark brown hair.  I knew this would take some more processing time, and attention.  I had seen photos of a friends hair on Facebook, so I asked her what she used to bleach her hair.  She recommended a bleach packet similar to this and developer plus a hair dyeing kit. So we picked it up along with purple hair dye called Manic Panic.  The name alone, kind of scared me. But trust me, if this mom can figure it out,  you can too! I read the directions, and it actually turned out pretty good.  I was conservative with my times, I didn’t want to fry her hair. (I had a Marilyn Monroe experience in college, I didn’t care to repeat on my 14-year-old.)  If we do it again, I will definitely let it process longer, her hair is much darker than mine.

Here are some photos of our little hair salon day, in our kitchen.

Blonde Tips

(Isn’t her hair gorgeous? People pay tons of money for her natural highlights!)

Just light enough.

The purple dye…..

The finished product….just enough to make her happy.



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