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Summer reading programs….and books for kids

Summer reading….

Do your kids read?  Mine simply devour books on a weekly basis!  We have quite a few books for kids in our house and I have multiple levels of readers in my house… wasn’t until recently that I have been able to make time to read or listen to books.

While my kids enjoy the paper books we can purchase such as Warriors, which my 7th grade daughter has been reading for years….

Or other daughter’s favorite right now:

(Which has some how turned in to a promised trip to Universal studios this summer)  I suggest checking out your local library or bookstore for summer reading programs.  They usually have a ton of fun incentives to keep your children reading over the summer… help prevent the summer slide…..


I enjoy reading online with

It allows me to listen to books while on the road, walking, working out and just about anywhere. As a busy mom, this is a great way to read on the go!!

I am always looking for a new book….I would love to hear what everyone has on their lists this summer reading…..

My list is always growing… are a few on my nightstand (app) as we speak…

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13 thoughts on “Summer reading programs….and books for kids

  1. I really need to read some books by Fredrik Backman, have you read A Man Called Ove? I’m currently reading I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb. Thanks for these suggestions! xo

  2. Great ideas! I loved giving my students a summer reading list, they were fun books that most of the kids enjoyed. Thanks for sharing these books, I may have to check them out. I still like to read young adult/juvenile books, just to stay in the loop.

    1. I read the same books as my kids too, to stay in the loop with what they are reading. I loved reading harry Potter with my daughter!!

  3. I am currently reading the ‘Above the Line Series’ by Karen Kingsbury. So good.
    I had just finished reading all of Francine River’s books nad needed to fill the whole quickly.

    I have five sons, who are all avid readers. Favorites of their’s: Percy Jackson Books, Narnia, Lord of the RIngs, Little Women, The Mark of the Lion Series (Older teens), all all the GA Henty books. Too many to count:).

    1. My middle daughter LOVES Lord of the rings, she read that series, Narnia, and the Hobbit this Year. Karen Kingsbury is an amazing author!! I need to find some of her new ones again.

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