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Need some sparkle?

Last week my daughter, sister and I had met up with the Pretty Pretty Pixie, in Monterey California. The Pretty Pretty Pixie can add sparkle to your hair in a few quick steps, and they last for weeks!

First of all, when the Pretty Pretty Pixie showed up at my sister’s home, she was decked out in sparkle, head to toe! I immediately wanted to be like her!  She had strands of glitter in her hair, a fun sequined dress, sparkles on her eyes and WINGS!  Yes, WINGS!  I didn’t check to see how she arrived at our location, but she may have flown!

Her set up was quick and simple….so much so that I was chatting away, and she already had a few strands set in my daughter’s hair before I noticed!

When it comes to colors, the Pretty Pretty Pixie has an amazing set of choices.  Just look at this picture below. What color would you choose?



My daughter chose a few colors, blue and gold.  She has long hair, and they look adorable!

She was so excited to add a little sparkle to her blonde hair!  And as a mom that has recently been playing with colored hair on my kids, this was way easier and less time-consuming!

My sister chose to add mermaid blue sparkles, her hair was a bit shorter….

Now the best part of Pretty Pretty Pixie, it that she is affordable!  Her services easily fit into our budget, and the sparkles last through swimming, showers, pony tails, curling, flat ironing, washing, drying, and coloring.

All of her sparkles last because they are silk and imported from the UK, unlike other “similar” products.

She offers a wide variety of options for her clients…so contact her to create a whimsical partnership with.  Set up your own Pretty Pretty Pixie party, or catch her at a local event in the Monterey Bay Area.


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