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Family Movie night….tips for a budget friendly flick night


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Summer and movies seem to go hand in hand….whether you are escaping the heat or just trying to fill some gaps in your schedule…I know my family enjoys the quiet theater, and the latest flick….but this can be quite costly when you are a family of six.  Over the past several years I have found a few budget friendly ways to enjoy our favorite movies without breaking the bank!

Here are a few tips and tricks that I have found to help our family:

  1.  The Dollar store!  The name of the store, says it all!  Everything is only $1!  This means we can spend $6 and everyone gets to choose their own treat, for the same price as 1 item at the movie theater!  And everyone is happy, no sharing, or arguing over which treat we are all going to agree on!
  2. Bring your own water!  Grab a water bottle and fill it up, times 6!  We don’t drink soda in our house, so water is our go to beverage. All of my children have water bottles for school lunches, so we fill these up with ice cold water, and they stay cold the entire time!  And they are easily refillable. (at no cost!)
  3. Go big or go home!  For about $8 you can purchase the large bag of popcorn at the movie theater, and most of the time, this comes with a free refill. Most theaters have cardboard trays that can be used for individual servings.  I typically order our popcorn and 4 trays, 1 for each kid!  When the bag is empty, we get our refill, and usually take home left overs.
  4. Early Bird gets the worm!  Matinee’s are usually the cheaper option when it comes to movies, so plan ahead, and go to an early movie.  I know our theater is almost 1/2 the price before 4:00 PM.  If you can’t go during the early hours, most movie theaters have a family night, which typically falls mid-week, when prices are cheaper.  And finally, check out local summer movie series.  Our local theater offers $1 movies on certain days.  They show older movies, but still fun for the kids!
  5. Netflix can be your friend.  If you can’t make it out to the theater, rent one at home. We subscribe to Netflix, and can watch a movie at home, or even from our cable provider.  We make our own popcorn with my new favorite popcorn maker, a Whirly pop, and cuddle on the couch for the night… Redbox is at most grocery stores, and you can rent a movie for one night for about $2.

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