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Busy Mama’s fitness! Fitting in your fitness with kids under foot….


As a mom to 4, I often struggle with finding time for myself.  Especially when it comes to fitness!  During the summer this is especially challenging when you add in a full time job! Over the past few years, I have been able to come up with a few creative ways to workout with my kids either participating or in the room next door!  I also have a few products that I love, have tested and proven beneficial to my fitness goals!

First and foremost,  finding a workout at home program that you love!!  This is important if you want to stick with it!

I get bored easily, so switching things up often is key!  This summer I subscribed to Beach Body’s on Demand program.  I have used their workouts in the past, and have fallen in love with the on-demand program!  It keeps me from getting bored, they are quick and powerful, and they work!!  Want to join me?   It’s quick and easy, and you can tailor the program to meet your busy Mama needs just like I do!  They also offer some great products to assist you in your fitness journey.

Second, is the local pool!!!  This is a life saver!  My kids love to be in the water, I swear they were born with fins on their feet!  So, at my local gym where I am a member, my kids can tag along at a minimal cost.  They are old enough to swim alone, so this might not work for everyone…yet.  But we hit the pool a few times a week, they swim while I get a great workout in a few lanes over!!  I consider this a WIN WIN!


I am also known to get up early and go for a run….I have been running for 30 years.  Running is my sanity, and I often meet other moms before the sun comes up to get a run done.  During the school year, I love this!  It helps my day get off on the right foot.  I can typically get a hot cup of coffee before the rest of my family gets up, and this, in my opinion, is key to a great day!

Finally, when I can’t get a workout in, because I am busy with a day trip, at work or just too plain tired too (trust me it happens) I have worn and tested out a few fitness trackers‘ over the past few years.

I started with a fitbit.  It was simple, snapped onto my waistband every day and tracked my steps. There are so many versions of this and they meet every budget! It was highly motivational!  Then, TRAGEDY struck… went through a wash cycle one day and never worked again. I have lost so many items in a washer!  Ugh.  But hey, I have also found treasures! So, after some research I bought a Garmin Vivosmart.  As a runner, Garmin has always had a great reputation, so I opted for this product.  It was amazing!  It tracks your steps, tells you when your phone is ringing, shows text messages, shows calories burned, you can track your sleep, and control your music, just to name a few.  It does so much I don’t think I ever utilized all of the features.   Garmin also has excellent customer support!  My first Vivosmart took a nose dive after about 6 months, and they replaced it for FREE!  Even upgraded it for me!

My latest fitness tracker, came a few months ago.  My sister bought one and shared all of it’s amazing features.  So I jumped in with both feet, and purchased an Apple Watch.   And oh my goodness!  Now this, is sweet.  It has so many features, you can look at them here  they are a bit pricey but I haven’t regretted it! They not only track your fitness, count your steps, are water proof, and more, but they also connect to your iPhone to allow calls to be answered, text messages received, music to be downloaded and played…the list goes on and on… As a busy mom on the go, technology has made my life easier. The best feature I have found, is the ability to compete against friends with the fitness app.  It helps to keep me accountable when I know others are watching!

I hope this blog gives you a little boost today!  Get up and get moving..even if you can’t get to a gym or leave your house.  Setting a healthy lifestyle example for your kids will be something you won’t regret!

9 thoughts on “Busy Mama’s fitness! Fitting in your fitness with kids under foot….

  1. I’m always amazed and impressed when I read articles like this from you busy moms who are wearing a half dozen hats! Where on earth do you find the energy?

  2. As the mom of five sons, I can relate to the issue of not having time to self.

    The only way I fit my workout in is to get up long before everyone stirs in the morning.

    My exercise of choice is walking, but a foot injury has kept me off the road. My husband introduced me to rowing. Fell. In.Love.

    Still hard in my foot, but addictive. Love our water rower machine!!

    1. Oh!! I have yet to try rowing!! It looks like a great workout!! I might have to check it out soon. I am recovering from an injury myself, that is the reason I have been swimming so much…less impact on my body. I finally ran a few days ago after taking a few months off, I was SO excited!

  3. This for me would not have come at a better time, as a mum of 4 myself, i hardly find time for myself, but with these great tips and advice, i definitely think things will change for the better.

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