About Me

Hi! My name is Robin Brooke, welcome to my blog!  I am married to my best friend Paul, and together we have 4 children.  I also work full time as a 911 Dispatcher.

As a busy mom and wife, I am always looking for something that allows me to take time for myself.  This blog is going to be a great place to share life, adventures and all things good as a Mom, wife and Follower of Christ!






*Note: While it was our decision to put our children’s pictures and info on this blog, it was done in an effort to get to know our readers better.   Please refrain from re-posting or saving their pics or leaving any creepy comments regarding them.  Doing so will immediately get you blocked and possibly reported if you’re an extra special kind of weirdo.  We don’t want to have to omit any pictures or info about our kids since they are (obviously) a huge part of our family and this is a family blog.   So let’s all just be cool and save me the trouble of having to hunt you down 🙂